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Imperial Chaos Dice Set

The Imperial Chaos dice set was made for players who didn’t embrace the more chaos/evil based design of the mark of chaos dice set but still wanted something badass looking, The only dice produced in this set is the D6 so far. We plan to offer the rest of the set as rewards to Kickstarter backers.

launch date is 2019 make sure you sign up for email updates on this project!

estimated price for the six imperial chaos set is $25


  1. When will this go on Kickstarter?

  2. Zlatan Jakic

    I wnat theese so bad

  3. those dice are sooooo amazing !!!
    i want them !!

  4. Want both sets once they available

  5. Will also buy these please release any of these…

  6. I will buy these too please release any of these

  7. That look is even better than the super spikey chaos set… Must have

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