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Dice Set Dungeons and Dragons

Dice Set Dungeons and Dragons: If you are looking to play Dungeons and Dragons then you will need to use a standard RPG dice set, this dice set consists of the following D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, and D20, in addition, you may also use a D100 if you don’t wish to use the D10 as a percentile die.

Dice Set Dungeons and Dragons – Our Top Sellers

Here at Blue wizard gaming we stock a wide selection of Dice for Dungeons and Dragons below you will find our top sellers but we do advise you checkout our shop page to see additional sets that may be better suited to you.

Dice Set Dungeons and Dragons – The Dice

D4 – Tetrahedron
This pointy triangular die is in fact a caltrop in disguise its mostly used for very small weapons, such as daggers and so forth.

D6 – Cube
if you have played any board game in the past you will know this dice very well, its classed as the standard die, in most board games.  The D6 Dice Set Dungeons and Dragons is commonly damage die for smaller weapons or spells but is more commonly used in order to obtain larger numbers for example rolling 3d6 or 5d6. The D6 die also plays an important role during the character generation, to determine the attributes.

D8 – Octahedron
The 8-sided die has mighty triangular faces, and in Dungeons and Dragons is mostly used as damage die for larger one-handed weapons, like longswords ect.

D10 – Pentagonal Trapezohedron

The D10 has a number of users it can either represent 1,2,3 etc. or can be used as a percentile die in which case it would read 10,20,30 and so forth, it’s normally used as a way of working out special weapon damage or spell damage.

D12 – Dodecahedron
The D12 die is made up of large, pentagon-shaped faces. In Dungeons and Dragons, its most commonly used is for large, two-handed weapon damage and dice any barbarian player will favor, it’s also used for random time determination, representing hours or months, while in campaigns.

D20 – Icosahedron

Dungeons and Dragons is a D20 system so it’s no surprise this die is your bread and butter.

it’s used for every attack, skill, attribute, save and spell roll accept for the barbarian who is more focused around the D12. Each side represents a 5% chance. Each of the values represents 5% of the chance to reach your target Difficulty Number, be it a shot with an arrow or to hide in the shadows.

Dice set dungeons and dragons – Which set is for you?

We get this question asked a lot from beginners looking for their first Dice set dungeons and dragons, and our advice is to pick a dice set you like the color and design of if you are unsure D&D is for you start with one of our lower priced Dice sets otherwise you may wish to try one of our metal dnd dice sets.  Should you face any issues when placing an order or need any extra help on picking up a Dice set dungeons and dragons, then just send us a message we are always happy to help.

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