Chaos Dice Set


The Mark of Chaos Set

The Chaos dice are 3D-sculpted custom dice that can be used for an array of games; each die is printed in a specialist extra strong durable resin allowing for super fine craftsmanship with a strong and resilient finish. The Chaos Dice are housed in a hollow structure made up of chaotic elements and encrusted with demonic runes. The chaos set comes in both physical and printable forms allowing for the dice to be made in a number of materials from plastic to metal.The set includes D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and D20.


launch date is 2019 make sure you sign up for email updates on this project!

estimated price for the six chaos set is $25


The Chaos D4

The Chaos D6

The Chaos D8

The Chaos D12

The Choas D20

46 thoughts on “Chaos Dice Set

  1. Jeffrey Asbell says:

    I noticed that it’s said 6 set of dice do we not get the second d-10 for the tenth position? Also don’t see the D10 in photos… has me worried but I’m also very excited because style just looks soo good!

  2. Kevin Hurd says:

    I play D&D 3.5 every Saturday night and my character Xavros the Magnificent must have those dice to determine successes it failures. Please let me know when the Chaos set becomes available for purchase.

  3. Creed says:

    Will there be an option to order multiple D4’s, D6’s, etc? I have a wizard who would love to role multiple of these at a time for his spells

  4. Phaet says:

    The posted date is sep 19th 2018. Ideally we will see the unique dice marked for release in 2019.. But I dont think anyone here has an exact date…

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