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Chaos Dice Set

The Mark of Chaos Set


The Chaos dice are 3D-sculpted custom dice that can be used for an array of games; each die is printed in a specialist extra strong durable resin allowing for super fine craftsmanship with a strong and resilient finish. The Chaos Dice are housed in a hollow structure made up of chaotic elements and encrusted with demonic runes. The chaos set comes in both physical and printable forms allowing for the dice to be made in a number of materials from plastic to metal.The set includes D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and D20.

the launch date is 2020 make sure you sign up for email updates on this project! – via this link:

Once you have signed up at we will email you a link to the preorder store.


 The Chaos D4 The Chaos D6 The Chaos D8 The Chaos D12 The Choas D20


  1. Please let me know when the chaos dice as available. Thank you.

    1. I would really like to know when these come out!

  2. Zachary Ringler

    Sign me up for these dice!!!!!

  3. Please inform me when the Chaos dice become available

  4. Please inform me when these five are available.

    1. I’d like to see a D100. That boy would look nasty

  5. I want these!!!

  6. Austin Nelson

    Please notify me when these become available for purchase

  7. Nisi Diamondfire

    Buying a set or two for my husband when I can 🙂

  8. Let me know when i can order a set of metal ones, I need them

    1. When will the dice be available? It says 2019 but do you have a release date for it yet?

  9. Ugh. I want these to be out already!! Email me please when they’re out!

  10. Those dice look beautiful

  11. Phaeton Shimeall

    Definitely intersted please keep me posted on these dice

  12. Phaeton Shimeall

    Please let me know when these are released. Will definitely pick up a set

    1. BlueWizardGaming

      you can signup on the homepage for a email when these go live.

  13. Those look so badass

  14. Jeffrey Asbell

    I noticed that it’s said 6 set of dice do we not get the second d-10 for the tenth position? Also don’t see the D10 in photos… has me worried but I’m also very excited because style just looks soo good!

  15. Addison Andros

    How do I sign up for a notification, these are beautiful

    1. BlueWizardGaming

      you can sign up on the homepage.

  16. Let me know when these come out please, they look absolutely amazing.

  17. Conny Rovira

    Plz let me know when they are released 🙂

  18. Kevin Hurd

    I play D&D 3.5 every Saturday night and my character Xavros the Magnificent must have those dice to determine successes it failures. Please let me know when the Chaos set becomes available for purchase.

  19. I want these

  20. Jake forni

    All mighty dm in the sky let me know when these are here

  21. Dude I need this to flexon my mates

  22. Will there be an option to order multiple D4’s, D6’s, etc? I have a wizard who would love to role multiple of these at a time for his spells

  23. Andre Gentle

    let me know when these are available

  24. Brandon Malmgren

    Yea I need update

  25. William Lawler

    I want to buy several set of these dice!!!

  26. Please let me know when these dice are available

  27. Sam Dionne

    Do you know when these will be released yet?

  28. Please notify me when available for purchase

  29. Sean Reardon

    When will these dice be available?

  30. As a DM im gona use these as my creature/Boss fights, cabt wait for it!

  31. These are too unique to pass up! I’d love to hear updates!

  32. Please let me know when available. Dice goblin want

  33. I’d love to know when these arrive for sale.

  34. These look amazing I want them

  35. Dustin Barnett

    Any update on these? I need them in my life.

  36. Isaac Burke

    Plz let me know when these dice are available. Me want

  37. John Rops

    please please please let me know when available for purchase

  38. Joshua Heinbach

    These are amazing. Let me know when they are available!

  39. Johnathan Henninger

    Amazing! Please let me know when these doce are available!

  40. Noah Collins

    This looks so awesome

  41. I’m getting me some of these when they come out.

  42. Mitchell Goren

    Put me on the waiting list I’ll order day1.

  43. Can’t wait for these to come out!

  44. Ryan Desmarais

    Please let me know when these are out. I need two sets of those amazing dice!

  45. Mexican mischief

    These dice are perfect for my chaotic characters

  46. Isn’t the release date next month? (sept 19th) i thought I saw that somewhere? Does anyone know?

  47. The posted date is sep 19th 2018. Ideally we will see the unique dice marked for release in 2019.. But I dont think anyone here has an exact date…

  48. vincent pyle

    Cant wait to purchase

  49. Kyle Montgomery

    When will these be available for purchase and do you have an estimated cost for the set? Thank you!


  51. Hi, according to your site the chaos dice are a hollow structure and they look amazing but in the pictures in Kickstarter they look completely solid (still amazing but not at all hollow). The d20 also looks completely different. What’s it gonna be finally?

    1. BlueWizardGaming

      Hi Evan the set is completely solid this is an old blog post 🙂 the ones you will get are the ones from the kickstarter.

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