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Welcome to Blue Wizards Gaming, the best place to find metal dice and polymer dice sets! If you are looking for that perfect DND Dice set or RPG dice set, you have come to the right place. Whether you are a player or game master, browse through our store, we are sure that you’ll find what you are looking for!

All Blue Wizard Gaming Dice sets are weighted and balanced we stock both die cast metal dice sets and polymer dice sets, all our dice are made with the RPG gamer in mind, so in every set: you will find a D4, D6, D8, D10, D12 and a D20. The dice sets we sell are of the finest quality in the realm, and every set is quality checked before shipment takes place. We supply RPG dice to a wide variety of customers, from the entire world.

Our Dice sets are suitable for any RPG game, game or style. We regularly see gamers coming to us from Dungeons & Dragons (D&D), Pathfinder, Arkham Horror, Magic the Gathering and many more!

Along with our selection of metal dice sets and polymer dice sets, we also offer all the traditional accessories for the RPG enthusiast such as: our bags of holding, made in finest artisanship from double-layered velvet that can hold up to 100 of your metal and polymer dice. In the Blue Wizard Gaming Dice Shop, you will also find dice trays, so that your dice do not get lost during the heat of the battle.

Additionally, we not only offer you the best deals on metal dice and polymer dice, but a friendly and helpful customer service! We are as much gamers as you the customer, so we know exactly what you are looking for and can help finding that perfect D&D dice set for you! If you are not sure, which dice would be best suited for your style, for the character or for the alignment you are playing, just ask us and we will give you our best advice! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

In addition, Blue Wizard Gaming is far more than “just another dice shop”: we also make truly unique metal dice that are both highly detailed and exclusive!


Imperial Chaos Dice Set

The Imperial Chaos dice set was made for players who didn't embrace the more chaos/evil based design of the mark ...
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Chaos Dice Set

The Mark of Chaos Set The Chaos dice are 3D-sculpted custom dice that can be used for an array of ...
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Steampunk Dice Set

launch date is 2019 make sure you sign up for email updates on this project! estimated price for the six ...
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