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These are the bulk of the FAQ that has been asked if your question is not below feel free to click the contact button and ask away.


Are these Dice balanced?

  • When the dice where designed we worked to make sure the dice sets would be fair and balanced. This to say the least was a lengthy process however the short answer is all our dice use lines of symmetry and weight distribution to ensure they roll fair.


How do I order?

  • For Blue Wizards new range of dice sets the only way you will be able to order is when we go live on Kickstarter. You can sign up for our newsletter to get an email sent to you when we launch.


When will you go live?

  • Right now, it’s looking to be very early 2019 for the dice sets.


What are the dice made from?

  • The dice are made from an extra tough resin that been strengthened to prevent the dice from shattering.


Will you be making metal Dice?

  • We will be supporting metal dice via the kickstart via the STL pledge.


What Size are the Dice sets?

  • The dice are 22MM x 22MM so a bit bigger than a normal die this is to allow for the dice to roll more smoothly and details to be seen more clearly.


What colors are supported?

  • The dice come in two types of finish these are RAW and Painted. The RAW dice are in the solid base color of grey. The Finished dice come in Chrome, rhodium (which is brilliant white) gold, copper, nickel, rose gold, platinum.


Will these dice damage my Table, Hand or harm me?

  • No, the dice are made in resin and are very light and are made from gameplay, we do advise on using a dice mat however one is not needed.


Do you do custom dice?

  • We are open to suggestions for custom dice you can get in contact with us if you have an idea you would like to see put into production.


How do I contact you?

  • The best way is contacting me on Instagram or by clicking the live chat option located at the bottom of the screen.


Where are you located?

  • Blue wizard Dice are manufactured in the north of England, just outside of Newcastle.



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